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A specialist company for the preparation and development of direct investments
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Partner in Poland: ASM

Since early 2000, DeRuiter Consultancy and ASM have worked together successfully on a number of projects focusing on executing market surveys, developing market entry strategies and preparing for foreign direct investment in Poland.

Based in the centrally located Polish city of Kutno, ASM Market Research and Analyses Centre Ltd. performs specialist services in the field of market determination and valuation. The company has great knowledge and experience of business data and opinion gathering by professional interviewing techniques. Foreign companies consider this well-developed service very convenient for their assessment of the Polish market. ASM´s operations include appraising and comparing prices, the appreciation of products and services offered, the rating of competition and assessment of overall market potential. All these services contribute to a more successful approach to capturing Poland´s increasingly attractive consumers and B2B market.

Significant assignments have been carried out for our clients who are active in the development of Polish infrastructure (traffic information systems and control equipment, road construction), food processing, assessment of outsourcing the manufacture of industrial parts and components to local industry, and many more.

Mrs. Maria Góreczna, Manager of ASM´s International Department: "It is important that foreign companies prepare themselves well before starting a business in Poland. To benefit most from the opportunities offered, the typical Polish business culture should be well understood, while detailed knowledge of the local situation of a certain business provides unmistakably for a better negotiating position. Before establishing your market entry strategy, take into consideration analysis of the market, the competition, pricing systems and distribution channels, as well as seriously evaluating business practices and consumer behaviour."

Poland is the largest country in East-Central Europe and one of the most attractive markets for investors either relocating their business for exports into the EU or setting up a business for the fast-growing local market. In recent years, Poland has been realising relatively high economic growth. In 2006, GDP growth stood at 3.4% and, according to forecasts, is set to reach at least 4% by the end of 2007. A remarkable success of reform was the reduction of hyperinflation from 600% in 1990 to a level of just 2% today.

Given Poland´s geographic location, an investment in Poland also provides easy access to neighbouring markets in Russia and the Ukraine. Since the early 1990s, the inflow of foreign capital into Poland has exceeded USD 80 billion and is expected to grow on average to more than USD 8.5 billion annually by 2010.

Commercial services have grown rapidly in the past decade and are now one of the main drivers of the economy. The ability to hire highly educated and trained local personnel, coupled with the relatively low cost of employment, have also precipitated a flood of investors looking to relocate their global operational support facilities to Poland. The country has seen a growth in technical research, IT, call centres and accounting services. In addition, numerous initiatives exist for new investments, including 14 Special Economic Zones and a large number of technology parks.

The cooperation between ASM and DeRuiter Consultancy has proved to be very successful during the past seven years. It has proved competent and effective in assisting companies to measure the scope of the business in Poland, and especially to define the market in terms of those companies´ parameters and characterisation, such as sales volumes, price structures and nature of the competition. In addition, several existing clients are increasingly making it good practice to perform annual updates on customer satisfaction and market position. We are very happy with this very prospering venture with ASM.